Why does the restaurant industry need a revolution?

You have probably never asked yourself this question, because the way things are now seems perfectly fine to you. You just call your favorite restaurant, reserve a table and then you enjoy your valuable time there with some delicious food. But there is one thing that is a bit off. That doesn’t feel right for the 21st century.

It is the way how you interact with the restaurant.

You still have to call there to reserve a table. Everything else in life can be simply done over the Internet. So why not this? The advantages would be tremendous. No language barriers, no misunderstandings, no one at the restaurant who has to take care of all the reservations. In fact, the current way of interacting with a restaurant is heavily error prone. It can always lead to wrong reservations at wrong times or even no reservation at all.

Now you might say that you know a restaurant where you can reserve a table over the Internet. And not by email, but through a fancy website where you can easily reserve a table. So why does the restaurant industry need a revolution when the answer is already here?

Because it is not. All of these solutions have one big problem. And that’s why you won’t see many restaurants using an existing online reservation system. Because all of them are designed to serve businesses but not people.

What does this mean?

There are huge players in the online reservation industry and most of them don’t focus on the individual restaurant owner who have a nice place serving the local area. They’re more concerned about large-scale restaurants with giant revenue streams of which they want a slice. The average restaurant owner doesn’t see the need to spend $50 per month for a system they think will probably only be used by young people and won’t increase their revenue in any way. And yes, there are plenty of free systems out there, but they don’t offer the necessary features that the big players provide.

There is no one in the market who wanna change the status quo. Who wanna make a world where reserving a table is as easy as booking a flight, a hotel or an apartment. Or as simple as communicating with distant friends, or watching a movie. All of these things used to be extremely difficult or sometimes even impossible. But the Internet has changed that.

And this change should also arrive at this century old business.

Who gonna change it?

Meet Inserve. It is a platform that is build for restaurant owners who just wanna digitalize their business without spending any money. Yes, you heard it right, Inserve is a fully featured reservation tool that is completely free.

How can Inserve change this industry that seems stuck in time?

Simple. By offering an easy-to-use and free tool that will not only make the lives of guests more convenient, but also that of the restaurant owners. A restaurant can be brought to Inserve by creating an account with just 6 easy steps. That’s it. No fees, no credit card, no free trail and no complicated setup. It’s just as easy as setting up a social media account.

But restaurant owners already have their website and don’t wanna depend on third parties.

That’s true and we totally respect that. Inserve isn’t just a website where restaurants can be listed. Its main purpose is to improve the experience but not necessarily replace everything the business owner already utilizes. Therefore, the reservation system can easily be integrated into an already existing website by using its widgets. Inserve is here to enhance the experience for everyone and not to make it more complicated.

What makes it unique?

The reservation system itself — it’s most intuitive thing about Inserve.

Guests can make reservations with an unprecedented floorplan tool that lets users directly select the seats where they want to sit. And without any fumbling at all. Just click on the seat, choose the time and date, and you have a reservation. For business owners, it’s just as easy: Setting up the floorplan works with a drag-and-drop builder that literally anyone can use.

Check it out on Inserve.co

If you wanna see the reservation system in action (from the guest’s perspective), check out this example restaurant.

You are curious to learn more?

Then stay tuned for an upcoming blog post. There we’ll go into detail about how this platform was built and what technologies we used and why.




Free Reservation System — A revolutionary reservation system with an incredible seat selection tool based on floorplans.

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Free Reservation System — A revolutionary reservation system with an incredible seat selection tool based on floorplans.

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